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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas Only a Month Late

Christmas 2017 was another success! We all received LOTS of Cubs stuff...
...and weapons of parental destruction.

On of the kids' gifts was a trip up to the city! We went to the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier and did some shopping.

Of course, we stopped for a beverage (root beer, I swear) at Harry Caray's.
You will all be shocked to hear that Justin insisted on stopping at the Cubs store on Michigan Avenue.

Delia didn't get her precious/pricey/now unused Hatchimal until after Christmas, but she swears it was worth it!

We also fit in some golf ball prep and ice skating over break. All in all, a success!
Although, Hayden has a bit more work to do on the skates :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas...Then Thanksgiving

We do things a little backwards here in the Midwest. You see, we get so friggin' excited about Christmas that every year we have to stop, take a breath, and remember that we haven't even gotten though Thanksgiving yet.

Exhibit A: The Hobnob Holiday Market. Christmas, Christmas everywhere on November 19th. November 19th, people! Mother Dearest and I had a ball, but I would like to offer some constructive feedback to the Civic Center: people would buy a LOT more crap if your caramel apple sangrias were not $10 a pop. 

Take it from some very experienced buzzed shoppers.

Exhibit B: Chillicothe's Christmas parade. Also on November 19th. Yes, that's right. We hold our Christmas parade on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. 

Delia got to ride on the float (*ahem* trailer) with her Brownie troop again this year. It was a bit chilly, but at least we weren't standing in a foot of snow like last year!

Since we were in full-blown holiday spirits, we decided to decorate our Christmas tree the same weekend.

Hanging ornaments on the top half of the tree requires a touch of resourcefulness. 

And like all families, when it was over we turned on all of our lights, snuggled up on the couch, and watched....the 10th inning of the World Series, game 7. Again.

When we finally made it to Thanksgiving, I got baby snuggles. Lots and lots of baby snuggles.

This one here is my new best girl, Elsie James. She's so friggin cute that it almost makes me want another...

...but I tend to get mid-snuggle and remember that babies are actually a crap-ton of work and oh my gosh I can't believe I actually thought I would want another one of these things. Luckily everyone else in my family keeps making 'em, so I get my fix whenever I need it.

Like every other Fairbury weekend, Hayden had "lots of work to do." This outing involved cleaning out the pool, getting a truck-driving lesson and shooting guns. 

This is the best picture to ever exist in the history of all Hayden pictures. It's so cute that I won't even get mad that he has clearly put two holes in a new pair of jeans. I won't. I won't.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

The Breen Clan had another successful Halloween! For the first time since our kids have been old enough to trick or treat, we actually had some good weather, and they dominated the neighborhood. 

But first, we had our annual carving day with Grandma and Grandpa Power! Delia, being her Type A self, decided she needed to give papa a little guidance on how to carve her pumpkin to her exact specifications. Hayden was too busy worrying about how much time he was losing from playing football outside in his bike helmet (see below).

Of course we had a Cubs pumpkin this year because, ya know, THE CUBS.

Notice Delia's rainbow hair? I'm apparently in the initiation phase of parenting an actual person, not just a kid. Gotta say, some days that crap is not all it's cracked up to be.

Bike helmet football. Almost as safe as real helmet football.

Now, to the best part: the costumes! I have been trying to talk my kids into coordinating costumes for four years now, and all I've done is catch hell for it. Fine. You people do what you want. We took the kids shopping one night, and Hayden picked out a police costume after having to talk him out of the ghost costume from Scream (No, Justin, it's not appropriate for a four year old to carry around a bloody knife on Halloween.) Delia absolutely could not find anything she liked, so her and Dad branched off on their own to finish the job. Three hours later, ya know what they came home with?

Yep, another police officer costume. But of course Delia's, in keeping with the authenticity of the profession, wore a police dress, complete with a badge that read "Cop Cutie." I mean, I'm not much of a feminist, but really?! Cop friggin Cutie? 

After their school parade, we went uptown to trick or treat with our friends. These boys, believe it or not, will both be in Kindergarten next year! I swear, the angle is to blame for my child's beastly figure.

Breen. Officer Breen.

We're here to open a can of whoopass.

But for real. Mom's yelling being the phone, "Come on guys! Give me a mean face!!!"

Taking on the streets, one Kit Kat at a time.

We made it home with four buckets of candy, then proceeded to pass out 50 bucks worth of our own candy in under an hour. I'd say it was a success!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ears, Cheers, and Sleeping in Our Happy Meals

Well, it looks like the warm weather is getting behind us, and we have been busy bees over in the Breen house.  Let's recap September:

Over Labor Day weekend, we survived the annual Thresherman's Parade, aka the longest parade of tractors in the history of mankind. The fact that we stood in front of Bernardi's where they happen to serve beer was merely a coincidence.

Hayden has been doing a lot of work with Papa Jim out at the cabin, and this summer he added golfing to his list of manly activities. Apparently his most recent trip left him unable to finish his McNuggets on the way home; being a man's man is a lot of work, it turns out.

A couple of weekends ago we headed out for our first Pumpkin Festival experience! Grandma Jeanne had just come back with a *ahem* white Cubs shirt for Hayden, and I don't think I need to explain why it was already at the dry cleaners by that evening.

Then we had a BIG event! On the way home from Morton, Delia spontaneously decided she wanted her ears pierced, so we stopped by the mall to get 'er done! 

She had a moment of panic, but overall she was really brave.

She chose blue to match her Cubs shirt (Clearly we've all been drinking the Chicago Kool-Aid at our house!) The best part is she's old enough to take care of them on her own, so mom's off the hook :)

Hayden has decided that he wants daddy to teach him how to play Playstation, so Justin started him off with a little WWE. Obviously the only way to play this is in your underwear.

"I can't look at you, mom! I got daddy in a sleepah hold!"

And finally, last weekend Delia participated in her first football cheer clinic! Mom was totally cool about it and didn't at all start envisioning her in a maroon and grey uniform at 14 with a really cute bow in her hair and pom poms and she wasn't at all reliving her glory days and thinking about living vicariously through her seven year old and I really need to get an adult life.

No big deal, but she's already making friends with 16-year olds. Too fly for her own good :)